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Students with Down syndrome belong in our Catholic Schools

FIRE Foundation of Denver Board Member, J.D. Flynn, is a prolific Catholic writer. Check out the article in America magazine on World Down Syndrome Day 2024.

What does it mean to be Pro-Life?

Written by FIRE Board member, Susan Selner-Wright

Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Boulder Works for Inclusion

We want to highlight the good work being done to include children with significant learning differences at Sacred Heart of Jesus School led by Fr. Mark Kovacik, Principal Marie Dunn, and Learning Resources Coordinator, Andrea Berry. Thanks to their leadership and advocacy over the past five years, Sacred Heart of Jesus has actively worked to accept any child who wishes to attend their school, no matter their needs. They have utilized their resources to develop their special education program and have also developed creative ways to work with their local public school district to improve access to title funding and support. As a result, they have added a Special Education teacher to their faculty and now offer services including speech and occupational therapy. Their goal is to provide a Catholic education to any child who comes to them. Great job, Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Writing on the Life and Ministry of the Catholic Church

FIRE Foundation of Denver Board Member, JD Flynn, has written extensively on the life and ministry of the Catholic Church, including theologically based responsibilities to those with disabilities. Read one of his recent articles here.

Disability Debunks the Late Modern Myth of Radical Autonomy

FIRE Foundation of Denver Board Member, Susan Selner-Wright, is a professor and prolific Catholic writer. In the article below she describes that, per God’s design, we are interdependent with all those He has created, including those with disabilities. Read her thoughts in the article here.

Support for FIRE in the Archdiocese of Denver

We have the full support of the Office of Catholic Schools including Superintendent Elias Moo. Abriana Chilelli, the Associate Superintendent of Academic Renewal, is a board member of the FIRE Foundation of Denver, adding strategic insight and collaboration. Listen to the support for FIRE and the education of our students with special needs by Superintendent Moo during the Archdiocese of Denver Status Update 2022. Please begin watching at 44:30

Office of Catholic Schools expands team to better serve students with special needs with a grant from FIRE.

In his message for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in 2015, Pope Francis said that the Catholic Church needs the participation of everyone, including those with disabilities: “As we celebrate your International Day, I would like to speak directly to all of you who live with any condition of disability, to tell you that the Church loves you and needs each of you for the fulfillment of her mission at the service of the Gospel.” Continue reading…

March for Life 2023 from Washington, D.C.

FIRE Denver Ambassador Casey Gunning and twin sister Sr. Mary Casey speak at the March for Life on January 20, 2023 in Washington, D.C.!  Watch at 3:28:45 to see Casey and her sister.

archbishop samuel aquila

On December 3, 2021, we received this statement of support from Archbishop Samuel Aquila:

The mission of our Catholic schools is to bring students into a relationship with Jesus Christ—to form young men and women who are intentional disciples, who grow in wisdom and virtue, in friendship with Jesus Christ.  We’re called to form all students for life in Jesus Christ, including those who have intellectual disabilities or learning difficulties. I am proud that the FIRE Foundation is working to make that call a possibility—working to help our schools become more welcoming, and responsive to the Lord’s call. I support their mission, and am grateful for their work on behalf of comprehensive Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Denver.

Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

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